DIY | Rustic Scandi Easter Egg Decoration

Easter is just around the corner guys! And I am really happy about that. Because a) I don’t have to work or four days (okay there’s a weekend between that, but what the heck). b) Easter means that spring has finally arrived. c) This means that I have written my last exam for this semester and I am free for about two weeks. Yeeeehaaaw!

Yes, you might notice that I am quite cheerful. Because Easter usually makes me think of upcoming summer nights and sunshine and vacations, and ice cream, and… Well, I am pretty sure that you feel it as well. So this is why I love decorating for Easter, like with this egg centrepiece, or with this hyacinthe decoration. Although I don’t celebrate Easter like a Christian (hope no one is offended here), I love the thought of welcoming spring with my decoration. So that’s what we do now!

The Tutorial

You need:

  • Transparent acrylic eggs that you can fill
  • Bast ribbon
  • Tiny quail’s eggs
  • Natural feathers

I’m pretty sure that this is the easiest DIY I have ever made. But, you can prove me wrong. So here goes: Open one of the acrylic eggs, place one of the quail’s eggs inside and close it.

Then, take a piece of bast ribbon and tie it to the eyelet on top of the egg. Now, take your thumb as measurement and tie another loop, then form a bow.

For the other eggs: Place some feathers in one part of the egg. Then with your thumb, press them in a little and try to close the egg at the same time. It’s a bit difficult, but it’ll work. For the third alternative, wrap some bast ribbon a few times around three of your fingers. Next, place the bast ‘package’ in one part of the egg and close it. You get the procedure.

For the best rustic Scandinavian Easter decoration, place some twigs and branches in a tall vase and decorate them with the eggs. That’s it!

I think I was done with this project in around 45 minutes. However, this included taking photos and styling everything, so I bet you’ll be done with this in 15 or less minutes! I really like the simplicity of the eggs and the natural colours. Although of course you could fill those eggs with anything you’d want. Maybe some hard candy to make it more colourful? Or some artificial flowers? The possibilities to style those eggs are endless!


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  • Avatar
    Peri Hardiansyah
    17th March 2018 at 4:52 am

    hmmm… What a cute dcoration. Simply love the concept.

    • Michelle
      17th March 2018 at 8:02 am

      Thank you very much

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