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Coffee coffee coffee! Does that remind you of someone? If you grew up watching endless reruns of Gilmore Girls, you might have a clue that this alludes to Lorelai’s coffee addiction. And that’s what I want to celebrate with this project! Okay, I am not a coffee addict (although this always seems so quirky in a person) and you may almost say that I am the direct opposite of that.

Yes, I do enjoy my daily cup of coffee in the morning, but that’s about it. Not more. Although there are of course exceptions, especially when I need to be especially concentrated or I know that I will not go to bed at 10, but indeed later. And yes, I am 25 and not 55…(Sometimes I think that my grandma is awake longer than me, but then again she’s retired and can sleep as long as she wants).

So now that we have established that I’m a rookie and cannot drink coffee after 12 pm, let’s get back to this wonderful project. Coffee has one of those smells that most people seem to like and associate with predominantly good things. Just imagine having a good breakfast, or enjoying a cappuccino with your best friend. Or waking up to your boyfriend/girlfriend making you a cup of coffee in the morning. We should capture that smell and make it available for whenever we want! And that’s what I tried to do.

Regarding the design, I’ve always been somehow fascinated with apothecary jars and those cool Latin names on them. So when I came across this brown glass container, I was instantly reminded of them and I thought ‘why not make a candle out of it?’. Well, here goes:

The Tutorial

You need:

  • A vessel for melting your wax (I usually take an old can)
  • Wax pellets (I used paraffin for this, but you can take soy wax as well)
  • A brown glass container (mine held vegetable stock powder)
  • A wick
  • A wooden skewer and some string
  • Ground coffee
  • Some roasted coffee beans
  1. Let’s get down to work! First of all, start by preparing a pot with some water, put it on your cooktop and set that to low heat. Next, fill the can with wax pellets and put that can into the water. Waiting time! Make sure that the water doesn’t boil and add some more pellets when the wax begins to melt until you have roughly the amount of wax that can go into the glass container.
  2. Then, dip the bottom of the wick into the melted wax and press it to the bottom of your glass container. This will secure it and hold it in place. Next, take some string and knot it to the top of your wick, then wind it around a wooden skewer. This will make sure that the wick stays upright.
  3. In a next step, sprinkle some of the ground coffee on the bottom of the container, and add a few coffee beans. Now add some of the melted wax and let it firm up. In the meantime, keep the wax liquid in your bain-marie. Repeat sprinkling some ground coffee, then adding coffee beans and then adding some wax until you have about a centimetre of your wick left. Then let everything firm up again.
  4. Now let’s give the container an apothecary jar look. Print out my label or look for apothecary labels on the Internet, put in a fancy Latin name and its translation and glue it to your glass. That’s it!

Guys, you cannot believe how good this smells whenever I light it! Because it’s like walking into a coffee shop, or having slow breakfast on a Sunday…lots of good associations where that’s coming from. In my opinion, this candle should be on every bedside table and lit every morning to properly wake up, don’t you think? I wish you could smell this…wait, you can! Just make it yourself! Now, speaking of the wonderful brown liquid, have you tried my Coconut Coffee Scrub yet?

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