DIY | IKEA Hack: Wire Cake Stand

Hey lovely people, who doesn’t love a good IKEA hack, especially involving a simple cake stand? Right, I do. Although I am kind of out of sorts with dear IKEA since last week, because damn, I’m really disappointed. If by chance some IKEA employee reads this, behold of my wrath!

About a week ago I ordered some kitchen cabinets (yay, finally enough kitchen counter space!) and the express company didn’t show up. Nobody knew why, not even the call center employee and they told me to wait until they would make a new appointment with me…Long story short, we phoned the express company and learned that their transporter broke down. But, I finally got my kitchen cabinets yesterday! Other people would probably say ‘Man, they’re just some kitchen cabinets’, but let me tell you this: It’s not easy cooking with only half a kitchen and running between your study and your kitchen to get some kitchenware, ingredients, spices…Plus, as the tidiness monster that I am, my chaotic study put me in quite the bad mood.

HOWEVER, I am giving IKEA another chance by using their products to make something completely different out of them, like, well, a cake stand. And I am indeed in need of a cake stand now! Because coming weekend I want to bake my first real three-layer-gorgeous-filling-mouth-watering torte. It’s for my mom’s birthday, and if she reads this post my surprise is screwed.

Let’s get started with this cake stand!

The Tutorial

You need:

  1. You might even have some time left to bake a cake or muffins for your cake stand! So let’s start by disassembling your lamp shade. As I have used the lamp shade construction before in my DIY Copper Plant Stand tutorial, I have inserted the photos from there. Maybe use some sand paper to get rid of the glue.
  2. Next, lay out some newspapers and spray-paint the lamp shade wire frame with golden acrylic paint. Let it dry, then flip it around and spray-paint the other side. Let dry.
  3. Now, place your plate upside down. Then put some super glue on the smaller ring of the lamp shade wire frame and attach it to the middle of the plate. Let dry. Now turn the construction around and voilà: You have a cake stand!

I have seldom crafted an easier piece before, and I did have time to bake some mean blueberry muffins as well! Although I primarily baked them to use them for the photos, but man, what a nice benefit on a Saturday afternoon. Plus, I finally have a purpose for that lamp shade wire frame that loafed around in my cupboard for some time. Hope I could inspire you!

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  • Avatar
    Sugar Lane
    8th August 2018 at 3:54 am

    This is so smart!
    I went to Ikea last Sunday to get a lamp, came back with the car full of stuff to hack!
    have a great week!

    • Michelle
      8th August 2018 at 7:38 am

      Haha it’s always the same with me too! Glad you like the idea ☺️

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