Travel | La Tour de France, Part 2: Burgundy and Alsace

Hello travel folks, today I want to write about my travel guide for Burgundy and Alsace! This is my second instalment of my Tour de France travel guide, giving you all the details where to eat, sleep and what to do.

Canal with houses and boat

The beautiful canals in Strasbourg

Although I haven’t written for some time now, I do have a reason for that. I’ve been travelling AGAIN, this time to South Tyrol. Honestly, I haven’t travelled so much in years and lived my life to the fullest. Just ask my figure, and it’ll tell you to drink more wine and eat more dumplings…Food is life, guys.

However, now I’m back in real life in ready for some new work adventures, meaning I have started a new job last Monday. Which is both super exciting and utterly terrifying for me. Not a person who likes change here. But, I met so many friendly and intelligent new people and I’m slowly getting used to having no fixed desk and working with a laptop. Some might think ‘when and where did she live?’, but really, this is a huge step towards the future for me.

Coming back to the past, let’s scroll back a few pages and recap my first days in Normandy. Because I want share with you the rest of my Tour de France! First of all, my absolute highlights were the coast of Étretat, with its beautiful and rough nature. Then of course the Gardens of Claude Monet, which I think everyone with a taste for art has to see. Oh, and Honfleur of course was such a lovely and picturesque little town.

After our first five days of the Tour de France in Normandy, it was time for us to change location! And with the change of location came the change of temperatures, from around 20°C to nearly 30°C.

Glasses on a table and a vineyard

Beaune is the perfect place for all wine lovers

Man riding bicycle on street

Explore the vineyards and small wine towns by bike

Streets and buildings


We wanted a more personal space to spend our three days, so an apartment was the best choice for us. Check out Le Cru Carnot, a lovely attic apartment which is beautifully furnished and just in the centre of town. And you have access to a private area in a parking garage!

Rent some bikes at Bourgogne Randonnées and enjoy the picturesque route through the vineyards between Beaune and Sentenay (22 km).

Have a mustard tasting and taste your way through the market hall in Dijon.

Enjoy the best wine tasting at La Cave de l’Ange Gardien. There you will taste six white wines, six red wines, a crémant and a cassis, for just 10€. Well, we did buy wine for 80€ after that…

Get a crisp glass of wine and some escargots (or a steak…) at Le Bistrot Bourguignon.

Enjoy some more wine and drinks at Bar 66. A highlight for me: You get cheese straws and olives with your drink!



Stay and enjoy the outstanding interior at BOMA Hotel, right in the middle of Strasbourg. You even get personally greeted by your own TV (bit creepy in my opinion) and the bedis heeeeaaavenly. Seriously.

Take a stroll around the inner city to see the cathedral Notre-Dame, Maison Kammerzell and the Palais de Rohan.

Enjoy a sunny morning with a coffee to go and explore the canals by foot. Then visit the European Parliament and the Parc de l’Orangerie with its little zoo.

Get the best pizza in town (if not in the whole country) at Pizz’arÔme. First of all, they’re made by this cool Belgian guy, and second of all, the flavour combinations are absolutely crazy. And utterly delicious! God I want to go back…

Have a traditional Alsatian meal at Chez Tante Liesl. There you can try some good wine, traditional sauerkraut and lots of sausage! Nothing for vegans, sorry..!


Honestly, this Tour de France has been amazing again! Surely this won’t be the last time I have travelled through France, I still have the Provence on my bucket list.

Find out more about my trip through NormandyBrittany and the Loire valley!

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