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DIY | Eco-Friendly Make-Up Remover Pads

Hey guys, time to dig out your sewing machine for these eco-friendly make-up remover pads! They’re super easy to sew, awesomely cheap and will save you so much rubbish, aka cotton pads. And that alone is a reason to sew them right? With all the talk about how the planet is drowning in rubbish, it can feel good to create a little less. Even if it’s just a little.

Funny story behind this: I actually got the idea for fabric make-up remover pads when I attended a cleaning party. You might think ‘what’s a cleaning party?’ Well, let me tell you straight away: You meet as a group with a special lady, and she demonstrates her cleaning products. Just like a Tupperware party (or a sex toy party, if you’re into that), but with detergents and cleaning rags. And you get to clean a room! Quite the funny concept. However, I was actually one of the only ones who didn’t buy anything. Because most of the stuff was way too expensive, and in the case of my fabric make-up remover pads, well. I could sew them myself!

Here’s How You Sew Your Make-Up Remover Pads:

You need:

  • A white cotton washcloth or guest towel
  • A black cotton washcloth or guest towel
  • Cotton pad
  • Needle and thread (better: a sewing machine)
  • A pen
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  1. Here’s how you start removing your make-up (almost) eco-friendly: Start by using your normal cotton pad as a template. Now, with a pen, draw around the cotton pad on the white fabric. Repeat this 7 times, then cut out the circles.
  2. After that, take one white fabric circle and fasten it onto the black fabric by help of two pins. Place them in the middle of the pad. Then cut around the white circle. Now, leave the pins where they are! Because now your two parts of the make-up remover pad are already attached to each other. This way, you can easily sew them. Repeat this with the other white fabric circles.
  3. Next, insert one of your (almost ready) make-up remover pads into the sewing machine, so you can sew the edges. Now set the machine to the ripple stitch, but close together. As if you would sew a zip fastener. And off you sew around the edge of your circles. This way you join them and you prevent the fabric from fringing. Repeat with the other 7 pads!

For your Pinterest board:

If I knew that this was be so easy, I would have sewn those make-up remover pads way earlier. Honestly, it feels so good not to be throwing away two cotton pads every evening! By the way, you can easily wash those pads with your normal dirties in a washbag. And because you have 7 pads, you have one for every day of the week! Brilliant, eh? And if you want to save the planet a little more, try this Lemon Sugar Body Scrub!

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  • Avatar
    1st December 2018 at 7:08 pm

    Hey, Michelle!
    Great idea! I cheated, kind of…I traced the disposable cotton pad all over the white washcloth, basically in a grid, then pinned the white white washcloth to the second washcloth. Then just zigzag stitched around each circle a couple of times, until I’d stitched them all. Then carefully cut around each one. It was easier for me to not have to hang onto each small set of circles (although you don’t get the ruffled edges).

    • Michelle
      1st December 2018 at 9:02 pm

      That’s a brilliant idea! So great that it worked out for you!

  • Avatar
    Janine Evans
    27th September 2019 at 8:50 am

    I love this! So practical. Think I found my weekend project. Thanks for sharing.

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