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Hullo guys, today I am gonna craft with one of my favourite materials again: Polymer Clay. A little while ago I made these gorgeous little statement earrings, and this project now shows me again how versatile this stuff is. Since it’s almost officially spring now I think it’s about time to get some flowers into your home! However, I often have the problem that my vases are too large for a bunch of flowers. Luckily there’s a solution for that: A flower vase lid!

So how’s your opinion on cut flowers and flower bouquets in general? I know for sure that I am happier the more vases in my apartment are filled with bright bunches. Although of course I am aware that flowers are the purest luxury, and especially beautiful bouquets can be incredibly expensive. If you pair this with the fact that cut flowers are only good for about a week one might consider not buying any at all. And if you ask my male relatives, well…for them, cut flowers are something they don’t understand (in other words: It’s bullshit). Let me tell you, men buy redundant things as well! I honestly could never understand why men would buy special rims for their cars…but that’s a whole different discussion.

Another whole different matter is that I currently have some time on my hand since my student job will end by the end of the month and they won’t keep me on. It’s a crazy feeling really. On the one hand I am sending out my résumé to other companies and on the other hand I seem to have lost my dream job because of unfortunate circumstances. So, I really don’t want to work anywhere else, but I am forced to do so. Oh, and if I don’t find a job in three weeks I have to file for unemployment. Craaaaazy shit. But, I am really trying to think positive.

How to craft the Flower Vase Lid

You need:

  • Polymer Clay in a colour of your choice
  • Rolling pin
  • Flower vase
  • Drinking straw
  • Sharp knife
  1. I just love how easy this is: Start by placing your flower vase on a sheet of paper and draw around its opening. This way your lid will be large enough to fit. Cut out the circle.
  2. Next, start kneading the polymer clay until it’s soft. Then roll it out with the rolling pin until it’s a bit larger than your template. 
  3. Place the template on the polymer clay and cut around it loosely with about 0.5 cm spacing.
  4. In a last step, take the drinking straw and punch small holes into the lid. You can either follow a pattern or spread them around randomly. Bake in the oven as prescribed on the package. Done!

For your Pinterest board:

Why hadn’t I thought of this sooner! As soon as the lids were out of the oven (I made them in three sizes) I went and bought some flowers. However the problem is sometimes that when you don’t want to spend a ton of money on cut flowers you end up with only a few. In my case, 8 beautiful roses. And they can look a bit lost in a vase. Now, with my new flower vase lid I can arrange them just like I want, and they almost look like a full bouquet! Besides, imagine all the possibilities of arranging dried flowers and greenery now. I hope I could inspire you!

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