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DIY | Safety Pin Statement Sweater

Hullo creatives of the world, today we’re crafting a statement sweater with some safety pins! All you need is an old or new plain sweater and some of your favourite allrounder, the safety pin. The idea for this statement sweater is not new, because I crafted it over 6 years ago but didn’t write a tutorial for it. Now I have!

Fast forward to today, I sorted it out during spring cleaning because I didn’t like the colour and the fabric had become bad. So instead of throwing it out, I dyed it black (brown isn’t really my colour) and removed those little nodes which formed on the fabric. And it looked like a whole new sweater! I just love repurposing old clothes, just like I did with my No-Sew Tote Bag or my Patched Denim Jacket. That one was my grandpa’s, and now it’s one of my favourite pieces.

So what’s new in my life this week…? Well, I’m still waiting for some answers to my applications. Other than that, I am adjusting to a life with an excessive amount of free time. Which can be great, but, well, if you’d be like me, kind of exhausting for the mind. However, I have started embroidering again and found that it can be a relaxing pastime. I’ll share the results with you someday! Then I’m exercising a lot these days, just to get a daily routine. Exciting times (not), guys, let’s see what the next week brings!

Here’s How You Craft Your Safety Pin Sweater

You need:

  • Plain sweater in a colour of your choice
  • About 100 golden or silver small safety pins
  • 10 normal-sized golden or silver safety pins
  1. Start by spreading out your sweater on a flat surface. Next, find a starting point for your safety pin ‘explosion’. For example, start in the right breast area and pin your pins in a small distance to one another.
  2. Now go on and pin the safety pins in a larger distance to one another the farther you get away from the center of the ‘explosion’. You can intersperse a larger safety pin here and there and you can pin two pins crosswise.
  3. Lastly, randomly pin some safety pins on the sides of the sweater. That’s it!

For your Pinterest Board:

Although the idea of this sweater is relatively old, I love the new version of it and the beautiful gold and black contrast. From afar, the safety pins look like stars and really convert the otherwise plain sweater into a statement piece. Which means: Wear as little jewellery as possible, and maybe pair it with other dark colours. Other than that, I love the simplicity of the project, because it’s done in about 30 minutes! I hope I could inspire you 🙂

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  • Avatar
    Tamara Wilson
    22nd April 2019 at 3:03 pm

    WOW, beautiful dress. Love it.

  • Avatar
    8th May 2019 at 3:57 pm

    ok wow this looks so amazing! nice idea love! xx

    • Michelle
      8th May 2019 at 4:15 pm

      Thank you very much dear

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