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Hey guys, I am currently enjoying my light tan (emphasis on light) as an aftermath of my Mallorca trip. Yesss, I was finally travelling again and enjoying the sun! Which was especially satisfying since I got away from rain and low temperatures here in western Germany. Plus I could rediscover this beautiful island again after four years.

Okay, let’s be honest: I could finally discover this island for real. Since I have been on Mallorca before with Chris, it wasn’t an entirely new experience. However, we made the mistake of not renting a car then. Which is essential for discovering Mallorca, trust me. Don’t get me wrong, our vacation back then in beautiful Cala Rajada was wonderful. We spend our days relaxing on the beach, went hiking nearby and ate incredibly – and when you know me, you know that food is always on top of my vacation list. And although we discovered Palma de Mallorca, I always felt that we missed out on so many things.

So here we are: Back on the island! And how perfect the timing was, let me tell you. As you might have caught, I was without work for a little while – but hey, in the end I did find a job! As I was to start on the 20th, the vacation was perfect to relax a little before working my ass off. And maaaan, did I relax. And eat…

Mallorca – More Than a Place to Drink Sangria

I don’t know about people outside of Europe, but here you know Mallorca as a place to party (besides Ibiza). So when anyone tells me he’s flying over to Mallorca, I always picture him sitting on the beach, with a bucket of Sangria. Which is a shame, because those things usually happen in only one place on the island: Ballermann. And while we’re on the subject: I think Sangria’s reputation has been seriously damaged by those buckets. This stuff is super delicious.

Valldemossa, and I think that’s Chopin’s head

After an about 2 hour flight from Cologne, which we started in the rain, we landed in beautiful and sunny Palma de Mallorca. Next we got our rental car – it’s best to book it beforehand – and off we went to our Finca. Yes, we rented a beaaaauuuutiful Finca in the central North of the island, near Inca. Although it wasn’t on the beach, it was on a hill overlooking olive and almond groves, with a breathtaking view, a pool and a marvelous pergola overgrown with ivy. But just look at the pictures!

Some Tips for Mallorca

Usually I try to find out what’s a country’s specialty, how to behave etc. before visiting the place. So here are a few tips when spending time on Mallorca:

  • Tapas are the greatest thing here! It’s best to order a few and then share with the others (if you’re one to share your food haha) – and if you like one, go get a second plate!
  • Try the Crema Catalana, which is almost the same thing as Crème Brûlée, but refined with lemon and cinnamon.
  • If you’re in Palma with your car, do find a car park – you won’t be lucky in the streets!
  • Don’t drink tap water in Mallorca. I always do it at home, but on the island it’s usually salty and mixed with chlorine. 
  • Don’t only stick to the coast of the island – the villages in the center have so much to offer!

Make a Roadtrip through the Tramuntana mountains

Since we arrived on Saturday morning and were pretty exhausted from getting up early and the flight (not a big fan of that for sure), we spend the rest of the day relaxing. And we did deserve a break, because when we arrived at the only road to our Finca, it was closed for an Iron Man event – duh. So we parked on the side of the road and walked the rest (1.8 km) of the way – you should have seen us! Packed with luggage and dressed in clothes for German weather, not Spanish. It was hilarious (I can say that now because it’s over). 

Sooo back to topic: Sunday was our first real day, and we decided to explore the western coast of Mallorca. You know, the one with the gorgeous cliff coast and the Tramuntana mountain range. We started at Selva and took the road towards Lluc, climbing up the mountains on the way. That’s a great tour for experienced bikers by the way, if you’re willing to share the road with cars. Then we took the Ma-10 along Fornalutx and Sóller, the mountains and olive and almond groves always by our side. We drove past Deià, a stunning little village known as a place for artists – Pablo Picasso, Robert Graves, Andrew Lloyd Webber, just to name a few.

After we stopped for some lunch Tapas at a cute little place by the road, we headed to Valldemossa. Valldemossa is a place often recommended in tourists guides and known for its famous resident Frédéric Chopin. I loved the place – cute little alleys, a stunning monastery and gardens overflowing with the brightest flowers. 

My tip: Arrange enough time for this road trip, because you’ll move forward rather slowly thanks to traffic and the serpentines.


Explore Palma de Mallorca (and Ballermann)

Palma de Mallorca is the capital city of the Spanish island. It’s also the biggest city, home to the administration, the island’s biggest harbour and the biggest airport. Of course, Palma has so much more to offer than these facts. It’s a bustling city with a plentitude of historic sights and buildings – and can even be a quiet place to relax when you know the right alleys. My favourite starting point is the central station: You can park your car in the large car park or arrive by bus if you don’t have a car. From there you should travel by foot, because this way you discover most of the city. If you want to shop, you can splurge around the Plaça Major. But if you want to discover the quiet beauty of the city, you should stick to the side alleys. You’ll be surprised what you will discover!

And if you’re on the sporty side, rent a bike or go by foot to see what everyone’s talking about: Ballermann (or Balneario 6). I think the route along the beach is just wonderful!

Palma de Mallorca

Some Other Great Things to do on the Island

We’ve only been a week on the island, but surprisingly you can see many more things that you’d imagine. Here’s what else you can do:

  • Take the famous and ancient Ferrocarril de Sóller in Palma and enjoy the landscape while going to the beautiful little town of Sóller. And, if you want to, go on to Port de Sóller. Trust me, it’s such an authentic experience! When you’re in Sóller, make sure to explore the small alleys full of curious little shops.
  • Visit Alcúdia, which is far more picturesque than its port. Alcúdia has a historic city wall and a well-preserved old town full of narrow alleys and age-old buildings.
  • Go to the markets! We visited the famous market of Inca, which is huge, trust me. It’s colourful, loud and absolutely fascinating. Find everything from colourful pottery to leather goods to live (!) animals here. I could have bought any of those birds and rabbits!
  • Ascend the Puig de Randa (by bike or by car) and enjoy the fantastic view of the island. There’s a historic monastery on top, the Santuari de Nostra Senyora de Cura.In the adjacent hotel you can enjoy some café con leche and a piece of traditional almond cake.
  • Visit Pegueraand walk along the beach, with a stunning view of the cliff coast. And eat some fantastic Tapas at Casa Enrique!
  • Go on a hike in the Tramuntana mountain range! Start at the restaurant Mirador de Ses Barques and follow the wooden signs toward Cala Tuent. The hike will take you about 3,5 hours, but you’ll get rewarded with stunning olive groves and a breathtaking path right along the cliff coast.
The market in Inca
The Tramuntana mountain range

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I really want to go back guys! I think Mallorca may be one of my favourite islands, but then again, I’ve only been to Crete. However I will visit Spain again later this year, as Chris and I have planned to spend a week in the south of France and a week in the north of Spain. And you know what that means, right? Barcelona here I come!

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