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  • DIY Other

    DIY | Marble and Copper Journal

    New year, new ideas/motivation/time to craft! The new year already has a good grip on me, and I bet you feel overwhelmed as well! So I thought, why not help myself…

  • Decoration DIY

    DIY | Pine Cone Advent Decoration

    Previous weekend has been the weekend of the first Advent, and with this the official start of Christmas season. Isnโ€™t this fantastic? Just think about it, Christmas lights everywhere, the smell…

  • DIY Jewellery

    DIY | Marble Cube Eardrops

    Marble seems to be the trend around the creative Internet right now, and itโ€™s a trend I do like to follow! Like the copper trend a few months ago (is it…

  • Decoration DIY

    DIY | Miniature Water Garden

    Nature has always been a source of great comfort and peace for me, especially water. Living in a rather big city I always wanted to have a big garden with a…