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  • Decoration DIY

    DIY | Pine Cone Advent Decoration

    Previous weekend has been the weekend of the first Advent, and with this the official start of Christmas season. Isn’t this fantastic? Just think about it, Christmas lights everywhere, the smell…

  • Decoration DIY

    DIY | Miniature Water Garden

    Nature has always been a source of great comfort and peace for me, especially water. Living in a rather big city I always wanted to have a big garden with a…

  • Decoration DIY

    DIY | Embroidered Vacation Photos

    Photos are a means to remember special moments, to revoke feelings and of course to decorate your home and make it personal. Whenever I am on vacation, photos are a must.…

  • Decoration DIY

    DIY | 3 Ways To Embellish A Pumpkin

    When it comes to October decoration, a pumpkin is a must – not only in matters of creepy-crawly Halloween pumpkin lanterns on your front porch (I only did that once as a…