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  • DIY Jewellery

    DIY | Beaded Double-Strand Necklace

    Hullo internet-people, I’m back! Back from an amazing trip through the west of France, back from mouth-watering food and wine. My vacation has ended…wow, that hits me right now. Aaaanyway, I’m…

  • DIY Jewellery

    DIY | Marble Cube Eardrops

    Marble seems to be the trend around the creative Internet right now, and it’s a trend I do like to follow! Like the copper trend a few months ago (is it…

  • DIY Jewellery

    DIY | Chain Tassle Necklace

    Guys, I am back. After two weeks of leaving you with a post about Fall Transition Looks said fall has finally arrived here in the west of Germany, and it’s beautiful,…

  • DIY Jewellery

    Marbled Bib Necklace

    I often find myself wondering what today would look like if I had made a different choice at one point in my life. Okay not often, but sometimes. Still, it’s a…