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  • Accessories Style

    Heart Keychain for Two

    I know I know. Just two weeks ago I told you that Valentine’s Day wasn’t the thing for me, and now I post this and it seems like I’m a huge…

  • Accessories Style

    Reversible Scarf

    I am currently in the mood of pure anticipation again, since I will spend next weekend shopping, talking and drinking alcohol (can you actually write that in a blog?) with some…

  • Accessories Style

    Embellished Hair Combs

    The thing about events like a wedding is, you wait months for them to come and then they are over rather quickly. It’s like this when you are a 7 year…

  • Accessories Style

    Hair Ribbon

    Inspired by a tutorial I saw on one of my favourite Blogs (Mr. Kate – worth a visit!) I decided to make my own version which could be called a little bit…