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  • Style Wardrobe

    Two-Toned Cardigan

    Well. Like I predicted about a week ago, I am again completely taken in by university stuff and the daily routine, which is the part that I just have to do.…

  • Style Wardrobe

    Rhinestone Sweater

    Honestly people, I am currently so fully involved in this whole furniture choosing and decorating thing that whenever I see a movie I automatically think about how this and that would…

  • Style Wardrobe

    Embellished Gloves

    Hello fellow DIYers, looks like another week has started again, and that means it’s time for another DIY! As you must have noticed the world (and the digital world) is slowly…

  • Style Wardrobe

    Neon Embroidered Top

    A heat wave has touched the city and everyone is going nuts, either because they have to work in the heat or they don’t know where to go, to the lake,…