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  • Style Wardrobe

    Studded Sneakers

    New week, new DIY project! Summer has fully arrived here in the city, with me enjoying the sun from time to time, packed ice cream shops and people showing off their…

  • Style Wardrobe

    Fake Brand Tee

    Semester breaks give you time to catch up on stuff you wanted to do all year long but didn’t have the time to do so. Of course, only after you’ve written…

  • Style Wardrobe

    Cutout Shirt

    The things I could accomplish if I had enough time… Aah, wishful thinking. Anyway, I am not done with summer (as my last post might have suggested): No, the temperatures can…

  • Style Wardrobe

    Comic Tee

    Well, I’m finally having the time to actually do something I have posted about before, remember the Comic Relief –Post? This time I did not whip out my brush and textile colour,…