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    Josh Kumra – Waiting For You

    Okay it’s getting rather tired talking about the weather, right? I just do a quick roundup: It’s damn cold outside, but breathtakingly beautiful. The ground is frozen, the grass and earth…

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    Sara Hartman – Monster Lead Me Home

    It’s Sunday, a day for resting, for eating breakfast in bed (if you’re lucky), for reading a good book or cuddling with your special someone. I love Sundays, despite the fact…

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    The Fray – The First Noel

    It’s the day before Christmas and I am sitting at work. You might think that this is nothing special since everyone is working, but it’s like a morgue in my department.…

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    Keane – The Lovers Are Losing

    The last week before Christmas proves to be pretty packed, but I am pretty sure you’re experiencing the same kind of ‘stress’. I put that in quotes because last week (?)…