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    DIY | Apothecary Jar Coffee Candle

    Coffee coffee coffee! Does that remind you of someone? If you grew up watching endless reruns of Gilmore Girls, you might have a clue that this alludes to Lorelai’s coffee addiction.…

  • Interiors

    DIY | Concrete Copper Candle Holder

    It’s finally time for my first concrete project guys! As I have written two weeks ago, I haven’t taken part in all the concrete craziness for now. Although was always a…

  • Interiors

    Teacup Candle

    One thing about me: I love to decorate. Okay I think I’ve said that before when I started to decorate my new flat in which I have lived for almost year…

  • Interiors

    Rustic Twig Candle Holders

    It just so happened on Friday that there was a sudden weather change (which is sadly over now), giving me the chance for a good run in the park and apparently…