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  • Interiors

    Wooden Design Boxes

    I’m pretty stuffed right now to be honest, after such a long weekend of eating, enjoying some sun (emphasis on some) and eating a little bit more I will like I’m…

  • Accessories Style

    Reversible Scarf

    I am currently in the mood of pure anticipation again, since I will spend next weekend shopping, talking and drinking alcohol (can you actually write that in a blog?) with some…

  • Interiors

    Design Porcelain

    Behind every project of mine is a story, most times a simple and short one like “Oh that’s beautiful, but way too expensive. I bet I can do it for less”…

  • Interiors

    Design Coffee Mugs

    By chance I discovered these design mugs last week when I paid a visit to one of my favourite blogs A Beautiful Mess. They featured them on their monthly wishlist and I thought to…