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  • DIY Eating

    DIY | Basil Infused Olive Oil

    Hello culinary friends, today we’re making basil infused olive oil! As spring has finally arrived here in western Germany (more or less…), I am stocking up on herbs and spices for…

  • DIY Eating

    Spice Blends

    I’ve recently become quite interested in spices – I finally bought myself a spice rack and some containers to store all those bags lying around my kitchen shelf – and ever…

  • DIY Eating

    Flavoured Water

    Drinking enough fluids is essential for everyday life, especially drinking water is important for various metabolic processes and water is a medium for the transport of toxic agents (by means of,…

  • Eating Savoury Recipes

    Mexican Style Quinoa

    Did I tell you that I actually like giving parties but the fear of cleaning everything up afterwards has driven me to avoid big festivities in my home? I don’t have…